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25, Vierge, Россия, Пермь
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Sexe Femme
Intéressé par Hommes
Age 25
Taille < 150cm
Poids 40 - 45 kg
Cheveux Brunes
Yeux Marron
Origines Blanche / Caucasienne
Langues Russe, Anglais
Ville d'origine Пермь
Poils Pubiens Poilues
Poitrine Moyenne
Cul Moyenne
Ce qui m'excite
A propos de moi
russion matryoushka...25 yo. I like nature walk
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I want you

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My dream

I want to have a calm and prosperous future.

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Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

First place among women

First place among women

Second place among women

First place among women

Second place among women

First place among women

Second place among women

Second place among women

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to go to the sea
to go to the sea
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Commentaires (504)
Mmm...she is getting nice and wet now.

I love the way your vagina grips my shaft, tender lips hugging it, caressing with gentle softness.

Your shaved asshole is so clean and delicious. Want to fill your tight butt with my hard cock while you masturbate with dildo, filling both your holes.

You are such an insatiable little fuck machine. I cannot wait to see what is like when you are with me.

To taste your teeth, feel the warmth of your breath, the scent of your flesh, honey on my thick shaft.
I am stroking my hard cock, watching you masturbate with the camera up close on your delicious little vagina.

It is so wonderful to hear you moaning, breathing, as you push your dildo inside. Your tight pussy lips stretching as your body opens up, is such a gorgeous sight.

My little suka...I love that I can still enjoy the vagina that I made cum, when you were only 19 years old.

I have so many years worth of memories. She is mine in a way that no other man will ever be able to claim...
"Thank you dear you are the best here 🥰🥰🥰"

A review of my moderator skills. I wish I could do the same for you. Increase your tips, keep you company.

Do you remember z54321z? It was the nick I used when we met...

It is the nick I use when I am moderator for...her...

I want it to be you...

I am yours 100%, the moment you take what belongs to you...
Your freshly shaved asshole has me thinking some deliciously naughty thoughts.

Laying you on my bed, on your stomach. Putting rope around your wrists and ankles, tying each one to a separate bed post. Your tiny body, under my complete control.

Climbing on top of you, the tip of my cock pressing hard on the tight hole between your ass cheeks.

Gathering your hair in my hands, pulling head back. Covering your mouth with my hand as I penetrate your ass deeply. Muffled cries, hard butt fucking...
Watching your blowjob from a few days ago...fuck, it is SO GOOD!

Your look so cute, displaying braces, mouth wide open as you insert dildo.

The way your luscious lips wrap around my shaft...mmm...my darling, Anna...I need to feel the pressure as you SUCK!

I adore that you do not waste any time and begin gagging immediately. You have much to learn but you are improving so much!

Your body is relaxed, helping your throat resist choking. I love how you stick your tongue out when you cough...
It is so wonderful to see the shape of the dildo against your sucking cheeks...I get so excited when I see the tip of the penis disappear into your throat, waiting patiently to see how your face and body react...

Have you been practicing so that you are ready for our face to face meeting? Good girl...

My heart races when I see your tongue sticking out, coughing hard as you choke on my thick shaft.

The part that has me squeeze and stroking more than any other?

The gorgeous TEARS in your eyes!
I know it is only a physical reaction and not an emotional one, but I LOVE WATCHING YOU CRY!!

The way you submit your body, so willingly, to being used for someone else's pleasure.

Pushing yourself past your limits, your little body telling you to stop.

Embracing degradation. Embarrassing humiliation.

There is something so romantic in knowing that, when we meet, you are going to do your absolute best to swallow every cm of my long, thick, throbbing, penis.

Multiple times. Whenever I ask.
Fuck...you are taking it SO DEEP!!

Your lips almost to the blemish on your dildo...then right after you wretch and spit me out...you open mouth as wide as possible and ram is back down into your tight little throat.

Gagging and coughing SO HARD, your EYES FILLED WITH TEARS, fighting back the urge to vomit.


Cock in your throat, you WRETCH and PUKE IN YOUR MOUTH.

I turn the volume up as you run to the bathroom and spit out the puke, listening as you cough and flush.
This is one of countless reasons my love for you will never fade.

If we were together, this would be the perfect time to push your limits.

Heart racing, your skin fresh with cold sweat.

I promise that you become MY LITTLE CHUDA SUKA and I will take so much pleasure in helping you improve your skills.

The ultimate goal is for us to mix emotions with pleasure.

IT IS MY DREAM THAT YOU WILL CRY FOR ME during our intense sex. Not because you are sad, but because you have never felt so loved.
Your legs and feet are shaking. Much like how they will when I am fucking your vagina...

Fingers are so wet with honey from your dripping pussy...I want to taste...
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